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**Version 2.2 **

  • Background improvements and stability updates

**Version 2.2.2 **

  • Added the ability to manage snapshots of the configuration
  • User can now choose if watch settings should be present (if a watch is connected to the device)
  • New ‘About’ view
  • All-day events that span multiple days are now displayed once for every day


  • Fixed a bug where saving may not have worked
  • Fixed initial Apple Watch settings

**Version 2.2.1 **


  • Improved updates
  • Corrected length of trial periods

**Version 2.1 **

  • This version needs iOS 15 and watchOS 8


  • Better loading of lines in app
  • Even more efficient transfer between Watch and iPhone apps
  • Better caching for async data handling
  • Using background tasks to improve experience
  • Battery improvements when location is active
  • Faster health data queries
  • Watch App should now work more independent
  • Health settings options should now work reliably
  • Updating settings after permitting Calendar access should now work more reliably
  • Restore purchases should now work faster and more reliable
  • Better menu structure

Version 2.0

  • Rewriting part of the app for better stability and experience
  • Improved watch synching
  • Better complication updates
  • Now fully tested on Mac (removed extralarge widget type that is exclusive to iPad)
  • Only show Apple Watch options if a watch is paired
  • Consistent ordering of modules

**Version 2.0.1 **


  • More efficient transfer between Watch and iPhone apps
  • Fix missing prompt on Apple Watch
  • Fix color picker size when running on Mac

Version 1.6

  • Different battery symbols according to charging state
  • Show conditions in weather forecast
  • Option to show sunrise and sunset times
  • Option where to show calendar short names
  • Support for new watch sizes

Version 1.5

  • Sort by timeline
  • Change command in prompt
  • Support for new iPad widget size in iPadOS 15
  • Support for large complications on Apple Watch
  • Choose if the number of omitted lines should be shown
  • Show correct current time in widgets

Available Modules

  • Health (Activity and Steps)

Pro Features

  • Widgets can have different text sizes


  • Smoother synchronisation between iPhone and Apple Watch

Version 1.5.1


  • Fix preview for Extra Large widgets on iPads when using landscape

Version 1.5.2


  • Fixed some preview issues on iPad

Version 1.4

  • Show longer day abbreviation in weather module
  • Show location indicator
  • Set Apple Watch size in menu

Pro Features

  • Ability to configure up to five different widgets


  • Fixes an error where some elements of a widget would not be reloaded properly

Version 1.3

  • Pro Marker for modules
  • Choose font size for widget content
  • Preview for Apple Watch (all sizes)
  • Reorder Modules
  • Highlight lines of module while editing
  • Use symbols for compact data display


  • Fixed bug which may have broken iCloud Sync with long calendar names

Version 1.2

Added weather forecast and module descriptions

Pro Features

  • Weather Forecast for up to three days

Version 1.2.1


  • Better padding for widget type display
  • Improved loading of weather data
  • Fixes a bug where the app was crashing if a calendar name was too long

Version 1.1

Added support for Apple Watch

Version 1.1.1


  • Bugfix for text display on Apple Watch

Version 1.1.2


  • Bugfix for text display on Apple Watch
  • Added option for anonymous error tracking
  • Fixed iCloud sync settings

Version 1.0

First version of Terminal Info for iPad and iPhone. Includes iCloud Support and fully customizable modules:

Available Modules

  • Last Login
  • Prompt
  • Device Info (with Battery and Used Space)
  • Location (City and Geocode)
  • Calendars (Multiple settings)

Pro Features

  • Current Weather