Terminal Info

Show all your important information terminal style on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch & Apple Vision Pro.

Your most important information

Magically shows your most important information at a glance!

iPhone Preview

Preview your widgets immediately. Use them on home screen.

Apple Vision Pro

Make full use of your Apple Vision Pro!

Apple Watch App

View your data on the Apple Watch and its complications.

iPad Compatibility

Make full use of your iPad!


Customize available modules, colors and many other settings.

Sync via iCloud

Have the same settings on all your devices.

Set your prompt

Set a custom prompt for your header.

Device info

Show your battery state and storage size in a cool ascii bar.

Your location

See your current location so you do not get lost.


Get the current weather and forecast for your current or any other location.


See all your appointments. Customize which calendars are shown and how they are shown.


See all your reminders. Customize which lists are shown and how they are shown.


Have your activity data at a glance.


Set up to five timers per widget.

Home Assistant

Show states of your Home Assistant server.